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Zip Up Vest - Red Flannel

Zip Up Vest - Red Flannel

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Raise hell, praise Dale. Like Joe Dirt smiling at his meteor, the great number 3 is smiling down from the heavens at this perfect blend of class, style, and practicality. With 100% less sleeves than our FlexTop Flannel and all the same range of motion, this zip up core cover is ready to keep you a little bit warmer in the middle and a LOT sexier in the gun show department!

This Zip Up Flannel Vest comes equipped with:

  • More Style than the anything currently at JC Penney
  • A Handup Patch that signifies your immediate need for a beer
  • Two less sleeves than most standard shirts
  • Added length in the front and rear to avoid a 90's mid-drift top
  • Zippered closure for a quick change from modest to hottest