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Wolf Tooth Components

Wolf Axle for Road Bikes

Wolf Axle for Road Bikes

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Looking for a front axle that is easy to use, light weight and looks great? The Wolf Tooth axle is the perfect fit. Available in three colors and standard or Boost spacing. Easily installed with a 6 mm hex key. Unlike other similar products, the Wolf Tooth axle uses a captive steel washer under the head to reduce friction on the fork leg. This protects your expensive fork, transfers more of the tightening torque to clamping load for a stiffer interface and prevents the axle from sticking or galling when you want to remove it. Always apply a small amount of grease to the washer and threads when installing. Compatibility: Road and cyclocross forks using 100 mm hub with 15 mm axle.
Complimenting Products: BLING! Boostinator
Tech Specs: Designed and manufactured in Minneapolis, MN USA
Material - 7075 T6 aluminum
Diameter - 15mm
Colors - black, red, blue
Thread - 15x1.5
Weight - 100 mm / standard - 38g