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The Ultra Bar sets a new standard in ergonomics. It allows you to form a perfect unit with your bike for greater power, more endurance and maximum comfort. And it’s not only the Ultra Bar’s ergonomic features that make an impression: the elegant design makes it a real eyecatcher on any road or gravel bike. Handmade in Germany.


You have three contact points with your bike: saddle, pedals and handlebar. It’s worth investing time in choosing these components, as they can make a real difference. You’ll really notice the effect with the handlebar because it can influence your position and weight distribution. It gives you control, extra power when you need it and can help you to recover when the situation allows. The perfect handlebar can make a huge difference to your athletic performance. 

This is where our Ultra Bar takes centre stage. With its unique combination of racing characteristics and comfort, the Ultra Bar has been developed both for riders who want to cover long distances and for racers who place a high value on comfort.

The Ultra Bar has three specially designed ergonomic areas, making it extremely comfortable whatever your hand position:

Tops – The flat top section of the Ultra Bar is ideal for positioning your hands and distributes the pressure of your hands evenly. There is less stress on nerve tracts, which results in significantly fewer cases of discomfort in the hands and numb fingers. You’ll feel the benefit on any long tour.

Hoods – This section is also characterised by a large contact surface and has specially designed, flattened outer edges, which allow a relaxed grip when riding on the hoods. When this section was designed, we paid particular attention to even pressure distribution on the palms of the hands. This reduces fatigue and significantly increases comfort.

Drops  The tight bend on the top section of the drop ensures that the handlebar is perfectly compatible with the latest shifters and brake levers. The gentle bend on the lower section of the drop allows a comfortable hand position for optimum power transmission. This gives you a firm, secure grip on the brake levers and prevents cramping in your hands.


Material Carbon
Range of Use Road | Gravel
Price UD-Finish black:
399.99 €
Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Clamping Area Width 100 mm
Width 400 mm | 420 mm
440 mm | 460 mm
Drop 128 mm
Reach 80 mm
Weight UD-Finish:
tba g | 218 g | tba g | tba g
Weight Tolerance 5%
Weight Limit none
Colors UD-Finish: