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Tubeless Valves

Tubeless Valves

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  • The body of our tubeless valves are made out of 7075 T6 material. This makes the valves really light compared to our competitors which offer valves made from brass.
  • We think that a cured rubber foot is not a reliable and strong solution for valves. Thats why we decided to use O-rings which are embedded in the foot of our valves. The knurled nut of our valve is large and provides an excellent grip for the user. The valve can be tightened up even it is snowing and the wheel is muddy and wet. Nuts of a smaller kind are very difficult to hold and twist, especially within a competition when every second counts.
  • The overall lenght of the valve (from the foot to the top of the valve core) is approx. 50mm.
  • Weight: 5g (including plastic cap)