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Tacky Sweater Technical Trail Jersey LS - BLUE

Tacky Sweater Technical Trail Jersey LS - BLUE

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It’s 5:36pm and you’re just getting off work.. A hot lap at your local trail sounds great but you’ve been invited to a Christmas sweater party at 6:30. Not to mention, you can’t be late because some jackass will drink all the Egg Nog. There’s just no time!!!

BOOM! Handup’s got your back, AGAIN! Throw on your best “sweater”, aka, the new Technical Trail Jersey LS and forget about going home to get ready after the ride! (Important note: this is not a knitted sweater, but instead a technical jersey made with such precision that people will think you’re shreddin’ in your favorite winter attire.)

What makes this New Trail Jersey So sick:

  • 100% polyester trail Jersey

  • You can wear it to ALL formal Holiday events

  • Extra length in the back so your tramp stamp doesn’t show

  • Proven to get 3 to 4 compliments a day