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Resolve Dropper Post

Resolve Dropper Post

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The new Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Post utilizes a first-of-its-kind self-bleeding cartridge. This means that any air that gets into the fluid chamber is automatically purged with every up/down motion. With no sag and no need for manual resetting, the Resolve Dropper Post eliminates the need to buy and replace multiple expensive cartridges over the dropper post's lifespan.

The Resolve Dropper Post is lightweight and low-profile, and is compatible with round or oval saddle rails. It has the shortest stack height of any dropper post (32mm) and a short insertion depth so you can fit bigger travel on smaller frames. The dropper post is available in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters, with travel options for 125, 160, and 200mm. Additionally, the Resolve Dropper Post allows for adjustable travel via 5mm spacers. 


  • Compatible with bike frames that use 30.9mm or 31.6mm diameter seatposts with internal cable routing for dropper posts.
  • A 31.6mm diameter post with a seatpost shim can be used for bike frames that use 34.9mm diameter seatposts. Shims are NOT included with the seatpost.
  • The minimum insertion depth is clearly marked on the Resolve Dropper Post lower tube and varies between 90 and 140 mm. Always follow the minimum insertion depth recommended by your bike frame manufacturer if it is greater than the number marked on your dropper post. Minimum insertion depth varies by travel length and is specified on the Specs and Dimensions page. 
  • The longest travel dropper post that will fit you and your bike can be determined using our dropper post length calculator tool.
  • Spacers can be installed to reduce the travel of the dropper post. Custom built dropper posts can be purchased with spacers installed at the factory.
  • Compatible with any ebike that uses a conventional dropper post mounting and actuating system.

Included in box: Dropper seatpost, cable and housing kit, cable barrel, XZN-16 socket
Weight (post only):
  125 x 30.9 - 440g, 125 x 31.6 - 456g, 160 x 30.9 - 490g, 160 x 31.6 - 513g, 200 x 30.9 - 544g, 200 x 31.6 - 563g
Stack Height (Extended Length - Travel): 32mm
Saddle Rail Clamp Bolt Torque: 6Nm
Seatpost Clamp Max Torque: 30.9mm - 4 Nm, 31.6mm - 5 Nm
Rider Weight Limit: 120 kg / 264 lbs