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ReMote Drop Bar

ReMote Drop Bar

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ReMote Drop Bar

The ReMote Drop Bar is the new standard dropper lever option for gravel bikes, drop bar mountain bikes, road bikes, and any other bike with drop bars. It is compatible with all cable-actuated dropper posts on bikes that have standard drop bars with an outer diameter of 24mm.

Smooth Actuation, No Play

The ReMote Drop Bar has two stacked 11mm diameter cartridge bearings at the pivot point. Most dropper levers for drop bar bikes use a bushing instead. Having two bearings makes for smooth, predictable actuation. This stacked arrangement of bearings also has a noticeable benefit: when bearings are positioned like this, there is no side-to-side play in the lever.

Smart Ergonomics

The machined clamp is on the opposite side of the assembly from the bearings and lever, which allows the base to be closer to the bars. This creates an assembly with a lower profile and natural ergonomics compared to competitor levers. A clamp opposite of the lever on the assembly also means that the clamp does not interfere with hand placement. A clever pocket was machined into the lever itself. This is where the cable end can be tucked away, hidden from sight and out of reach.

Actuate From Two Sides

The ReMote Drop Bar can be actuated while riding on the hoods or in the drops. A longer lever allows for easy hand access from two angles, while machined ergonomics makes it easier to engage the lever. This means that you can reach your brakes while using your ReMote Drop Bar.