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Santa Madre



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SANTA MADRE RECOVERY is an excellent and delicious recuperator formulated with one of the best proteins in the world. It has been designed to be taken after practi- cing sports, helping the body to recover muscle mass from the damage caused by the effort.

It is designed with the ideal carbo- hydrate-protein ratios, ensuring a large dose of protein for muscle recovery and carbohydrates to give the body energy to perform recovery tasks as soon as possible.

Unlike other recoveries, SANTA MADRE RECOVERY does not contain added amino acids, this is because it is formulated 100% with one of the best proteins in the world (PRONATIV 95) that has an incredible absorp- tion rate and an enviable amino- gram, not being necessary have additions.

This product is flavored with natural aromas and without dyes and has been studied to provide the maximum of nutrients without causing almost any digestive burden, minimizing what can make you feel bad.