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Our definition of a perfect Gravel handlebar. The Gravel Bar is a specially designed drop bar for off-road terrain. The construction was chosen to absorb and dampen influences from the trail and minimize upper body fatigue. But it still has the stiffness you need to really feel the terrain.
Handmade in Germany.

The innovation of our Gravel Bar is the uniquely designed hood area in combination with the ergonomically flat designed tops, which offers you the ultimate in comfort and provides a secure grip for anyone who loves cornering. For those who prefer riding in the drops, the 24° flare gives you more control and confidence in almost any situation. And if things get too hectic, you can reach the brake lever quickly and easily thanks to the 110 mm drop. In short, you’ll be comfortable whatever your hand position. With its ergonomic features, the Gravel Bar is the ultimate companion for any on- or off-road adventure.

The Gravel Bar with 400 mm hood widte has a cross-section adapted for smaller hands.


Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Clamping Area Widte 100 mm
Hood Widte 400 mm | 420 mm
440 mm | 460 mm
Drop Widte 510 mm | 530 mm
550 mm | 570 mm
Drop 110 mm
Reach 80 mm
X-Flare 24°
Weight 218 g | 233 g
237 g | 241 g
Weight Tolerance 5%
Weight Limit none
Colors UD-Finish: