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EnCase Pump 40cc

EnCase Pump 40cc

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The EnCase Pump 40cc is designed for quick use, easy access, and reliable performance. It was developed for use with mountain, gravel, and fat bike tires, requiring less force per pump stroke than competitor pumps to inflate high-volume tires. The pump's Enviro-Lock sealing is best in class, all internal components are protected from water and trail debris with weatherproof seals. When stored on a frame using the included mount, the pump is easy to access and ready to use without worrying about mud or grit affecting pump performance.

The Enviro-Lock System fully seals pump internals for best-in-class protection from water and grit. Even when your pump is muddy, you know that the internal components are spotless and ready to quickly inflate your tire.

The EnCase Pump is big volume per stroke in a small package. Perfectly balanced dimensions mean a compact silhouette while requiring less force per stroke than the competition when inflating high-volume mountain, gravel, and fat bike tires.

The EnCase Pump expands the EnCase System product line of multi-tools with unique features and clever storage solutions. The pump comes in two sizes: 40 and 85cc. The smaller 40cc pump has room inside to fit an EnCase System multi-tool (e.g. Hex Bit Wrench or Chain + Tire Plug) or the EnCase Tubeless Tire Plug. The larger 85cc pump can fit both EnCase System multi-tools or the EnCase Tubeless Tire Plug Tool.

EnCase Pump won’t bend or unscrew your valve core because it does not rely on a hose, threads, or locking lever. The simple press-fit pump head features a durable urethane gasket, allowing extended use before requiring service.