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Maldita Buena Suerte



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Yeaaah we know: either you ride a bike or you pretend to be Forest Gump, or maybe you simple have good taste?

In any case, you fancy our socks.

Of course they are cool, but also COMFORTABLE. The elastic fiber guarantees that they fit like a glove and have very soft touch.

Also, as we know that you don't want to get to the bar stinking to high heaven, these socks are BREATHABLE so your feet will always be dry, even under extreme conditions. Our thermo-regulating socks incorporate SUBLITECHNIC, an intelligent fiber which based on use and conditions, provides freshness or heat, that is, as if they had a thermostat.

And on top of that, this pair of socks will last you a long time because the fabric they are made of hardly wears out ... Oops! maybe we shouldn't have told you about this ...