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Santa Madre



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SANTAMADRE UNUSUAL FUEL 100CHO (RATIO 1:1) is a revolutionary drink that provides 100g of carbohydrate per 500ml and 500mg of sodium.

SANTA MADRE UNUSUAL FUEL is the only drink on the market with 100g of carbohydrates per dose and with a ratio of 1:1, being able to carry nutritional strategies of more than 100g of carbohydrates per hour.

This drink has been designed based on hundreds of scientific articles, physiological data and several field studies. SANTA MADRE UNUSUAL FUEL works in a revolutionary ratio 1: 1, in this way it gives more prominence to the GLUT5 transporter, where until now it was believed that it saturated at 30g / h, this is able to absorb more load being able to assimilate more quantity and together with the SGLT1 y SGLT2  transporter thus achieve overcome the barrier of 110g of carbohydrate per hour.

It is a specialized drink for long-lasting sports and for athletes who work large amounts of carbohydrates at the time. It should be noted that this type of strategy should always be preceded by specific training, since it has been seen that GLUT5 improves considerably with stimuli increasing its workload.

SANTA MADRE UNUSUAL FUEL is a gluten-free, lactose-free drink suitable for vegans. It has two references, one with a neutral flavor and the other with a slight lemon flavor, both very light and pleasant.

As we have already mentioned, it is a drink that provides large quantities of carbohydrates, which should not be confused with a hydration drink, so it is essential to accompany it with additional water during its use to promote digestibility.

Below we show the amount of additional water per UNUSUAL FUEL 100CHO diluted in 500ml, depending on temperature and humidity. It should be borne in mind that these figures are always approximate as each organism responds differently to exertion, humidity and high temperatures.

    <15 Degrees  15 - 25 Degrees > 25 Degree
Humidity < 50% 500ml 500ml 750ml
> 50% 500ml 750ml