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CAMO Direct Mount Spider For SRAM

CAMO Direct Mount Spider For SRAM

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Note that this is a CAMO Spider ONLY. A CAMO Chainring is required to complete this system if you don't already have one.

The CAMO chainring system was created by the Wolf Tooth engineers for Chainline And Material Opimiztion on direct mount style Chainrings. They key advantages include:

  1. Perfect chainline - for reduced wear and improved shifting precision
  2. Optimal material usage - for weight, stiffness, and wear
  3. Price - for less expensive replacement chainrings
  4. Swapping - Very fast chainring change out with 5 small bolts and no nuts.
  5. Availablity - Wolf Tooth is the one-stop-shop for your direct mount needs...round or oval, stainless or aluminum, and no matter the crankset.
  6. Bling - spider colors and bolt colors add a little flash to your sweet ride!

Learn more about the CAMO advantages here


  • This is a spider for use with the SRAM cranksets that have a removable spider.
  • 4 different chainline options are available. The number and letter refer to the mm offset and direction from the mounting face to the centerline of the teeth:
    • M8 (minus 8mm - dished towards the frame)
      • For use with GXP cranks and BB30 Long Spindle standard 49mm chainline.
      • See the picture carousel for how to measure your spindle length if you have BB30, or click here to see that picture.
      • This is for use on bikes with 135mm QR, 142mm thru axle, and some 148mm bikes. Details here on the 148mm Boost spacing.
    • M5 (minus 5mm - Boost)
      • dished towards the frame) is for 52mm chainline that Boost bikes may need.
      • Again, this link explaining 148mm Boost spacing will help you decide if you need the M5 or M8.
    • M2 (minus 2mm - dished towards the frame)
      • Is for a 49mm chainline on a BB30 short spindle crankset.
      • See the picture carousel for how to measure your spindle length if you have BB30, or click here to see that picture.
    • P2 (plus 2mm - dished outwards away from the frame)
      • For fat bikes that have 190/197 rear spacing but use a 100mm spindle. This is now very common on production fat bikes to keep the q-factor slimmer
      • Can be used for creating a "boost" chainline with a BB30 short spindle crankset
  • The CAMO mounting bolts for these can be purchased separately, but all the CAMO spiders come with stainless steel bolts if you don't order them.


  • The CAMO chainring options - elliptical or round and stainless or Aluminum


  • Design and manufactured in Minneapolis, MN USA
  • Material 7075-T6
  • Colors - black, blue, red
  • Stainless Steel bolts included
  • Chainline - varies by which spider you choose. See compatibility above.
  • If you plan to ride in very muddy conditions, we recommend a chainguide or chainkeeper in addition to a clutch-type rear derailleur! Without these precautions, you may experience chaindrops and/or chainsuck.
  • Installation notes
    • You will be able to access all bolts without removing the spider
    • Line up the little dot on the ring with the dot on the spider. Don't worry, you cannot install the ring in the wrong rotational orientation. Text on both spider and chainring must be facing out.
    • Be sure the bosses on the spider "plug in" to the chainring.
    • Torque bolts only to 4-5 Nm and use blue loctite
  • Weight - M8 - 32g, M5 - 28g, M2 - 28g, P2 -30g