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Beast Components

Beast Components XS30 + DT Swiss 350S

Beast Components XS30 + DT Swiss 350S

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Beast Components MTB XS30 rim for 29 ".

The XS30 are built for XC racers who pay attention to every gram and want to achieve the highest performance in the hunt for seconds. At just 315g, this XC rim should be one of the lightest on the market. But these specially manufactured rims are not only light, but also comfortable, stable and stiff. Through increased vertical compliance, you benefit from the ride comfort. But also the precise handling known from Beast rims remains, by an extremely high lateral stiffness. Thus, they allow the driver to always drive the best line in the trail.

For the XS30 wheelset, a special 35g carbon prepreg was used, which allows a differentiated layer structure to be designed. Instead of some thick layers, are used in
this rim many thin layers are used. This allows the material to be used optimally. Through the solid edge design, so the completely circumferential laminate in the rim flange, the rims also get a high puncture resistance.

Beast Components wheels are carefully spoked by hand.


Features of the Beast Components XS30 Carbon wheelsetMaterial: Carbon

  • Width: 35.7mm
  • Mouth width: 30mm
  • Height: 20mm
  • Rim flange: 2.85mm
  • Asymmetrical offset: 2mm
  • Holes: 28
  • Weight limit: 115kg system weight


  • Tubeless Ready
  • Hookless Design
  • Disc Only
  • Slanted Spoke Holes
  • External nipple



Beast Components - Handmade in Germany

The Beast carbon components are made completely in-house at Black East GmbH in Dresden - this is where bikes are loved and lightweight construction is lived. The quite young company is a spin-off of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre of the Technical University of Dresden. Here, scientific standards are the top priority when working with carbon as a material. With the help of the latest techniques from the automotive industry, aerospace and innovative manufacturing processes, the company aims to significantly improve the quality and suitability for everyday use of racing bikes and mountain bikes. Geometry optimizations in the absolute final stage and life span Anaylse of fiber-reinforced plastics are here the key words.

With the Beast carbon components comes the style to the wheel and significantly lighter and more stable than ever before!

Scope of delivery: wheelset, incl. rim tape

Addition to weight: manufacturer's specifications, tolerance 5%.