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8-Bit Tire Lever Kit One

8-Bit Tire Lever Kit One

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8-BIT TIRE LEVER + DISC BRAKE MULTI-TOOL A double-sided multi-tool with a tire lever on one end and disc brake support on the other. The high-strength plastic lever easily removes tires without damaging the rim. On the machined end of the multi-tool, an 8mm flare wrench can open and close the compression nut on hydraulic brakes and there is a slot for truing rotors up to 2.5mm thick.
8-BIT TIRE LEVER + RIM DENT REMOVER MULTI-TOOL The high-strength plastic lever slips under the tire and removes tires easily without slipping out from metal or carbon rims. The rim dent remover perfectly fits over the lip of metal rims for repairs.

This multi-tool is designed to work on its own or be grouped with other 8-Bit System multi-tools. The multi-tools nest together via magnets and clever machining. These tools were designed to solve most trailside fixes to get you back to the trailhead or next town. They are strong, versatile, lightweight, and small enough to fit in a jersey pocket or riding tool wrap.

8-Bit Stackable Tool Tire Lever


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Tech Specs

Weight:  29.5 g each

Dimensions: 146mm x 20mm x 8mm  each

Material: 7075-T6 aluminum, high-strength nylon composite lever

Made in the USA

Patents Pending